“Gambling nearly ruined my life. This program that gave some structure to the 12 Steps is the single greatest factor that has affected my recovery.”

– Steve
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Why direct your clients to a 12-step program?

With more than 6 million American adults and 500,000 youth meeting the criteria for a gambling problem, the problem is prevalent.

The 12 Steps to Gambling Addiction online course is an inexpensive and simple way for your clients to begin the path toward healing.

What's it cost?

What does a single hour of counseling cost in North Dakota? Anywhere from $65 to $150 an hour. What’s it cost in bigger cities like San Francisco or New York City? More than twice that. That’s a hard price to swallow for a lot of people.

And it’s especially hard for those dealing with a gambling addiction. They’re typically not rolling in the dough. They need help at a reasonable price.

Your clients have access to an entire online workbook of the 12 steps that provide hours of self-reflection and educational material to help them break free from their addiction. The course will pay dividends for weeks and years as clients are able to continually access the content.

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Or order a DVD of the videos featured in the e-campus.